Candyman vs. ToyBoy

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Art installation

My artkollective/gallery/retail KNOT held it's first collective exhibition called "size 42" in the fall 2010. 26 different artists living in Bergen submittet their contributions. The installation sculpture Candyman vs. Toyboy was my piece.

The piece is made from discarded toys, H&M superman underwear, CheapMonday shoes, an IKEA white casserole, vinyl stickers and a Stokke Trip-trap chair for children. The legs where cast from my own legs using cling-film, packaging tape, gaffa and chicken wire. All toys individually puzzeled onto the wirestructure using hot-glue and wire.

Candy for the pelvis was regulary refilled since part of the idea was to let the audience eat from the piece. The first candy where sour-feet, banana-peel-sticks and soft jogger gels. When the original batch ran out I restocked it with unbranded mixed candy - which I thought worked better.

The piece was a huge hit - especially among children, and the fact that some of the items attached still had movable parts and one even made a sound made for it to be an interactive wonder. Candyman vs. Toyboy is the first installation art-piece for a trio called Childhood heroes. See the post for the second part called Mastermind.

Photos by me and Jørgen Håland.

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